Hello all, Happy Baltimore/Washington One Caribbean Carnival.
Carnival weekend is here. It has been two long years since we have been able to host carnival celebrations, so I know the masqueraders are excited to get out and parade their costumes and spectators are eager to line the parade route to catch a glimpse of their favorite band and have a view of the colorful costumes. As the parade ends and the festival continues, the public will enter the Clifton Park Band Shell Area to get a taste of the great foods and purchase items from various vendors and to experience a wide range of Caribbean cultural entertainment. Nevertheless, as excited as we are, we need to be mindful that the street parade will wind through several residential neighborhoods. As such, we are asking the public to observe several simple housekeeping items in respect to the property and well-being of neighborhood residents. They are as follows:

The restroom facilities at the Y of Maryland located the opposite side of the 900 block of 33rd Street where the parade will be launch are not available to masqueraders and spectators. Instead, portable toilet facilities will be placed in and around the site for paradors and spectators use.

The parking lot adjacent to the 900 block of E. 33rd Street is not available for parking. The lot, which is currently unsafe for parking, belongs to Johns Hopkins University who also owns the facility on the East of and adjacent to the parking lot.

Please do not discard any trash in the streets along the parade route, nor in the neighborhoods within the route. Trash should be placed in the trash receptacles along the parade route. If you know that you may have a larger than usual amount of trash to dispose of, please walk with a reasonable sized trash bag in which you can put the trash, then place bag in or close to one of the trash receptacles.

There are several parking sites available to masqueraders and spectators who participate in or attend the parade.
Clifton Park High School
The grounds around the old Clifton Park High School are available for parking. The party in charge on the lots graciously granted their use for parking with the conditions that: the lots must be left free of trash, and in the same condition as exists prior to its use. Trash receptacles will be located throughout the school grounds. Please dispose of all trash in the receptacles provided.
The Reach Partnership School
The school is located west of Clifton along Harford Road. There is limited parking on the lot so make sure you are there early to enter.
The Tivoly Triangle Parking
The unpaved parking area is located towards the rear of the houses along the triangular intersection of Harford Road, The Alameda and 28th Street. You can access to the parking off Harford Road or 28th Street, onto Tivoly Avenue.
The 32nd Street Farmers Market Lot. This lot is located around the 300 block of 32nd at the intersection of Abell Avenue and 32nd street. Its ideal for those who wish to park close to the parade launch area.
Have a safe and enjoyable carnival!